chemicals Palm manufactures and distributes a wide range of chemical products used in a diverse array of industrial, chemical and food ingredient, water treatment, mining, catalyst and other applications. more details metals Palm supplies a wide range of metal anodes used for electroplating. Palm is an authorized distributor for Vale (formerly INCO) nickel anodes in various shapes and sizes... more details crystals & powders Palm sells various forms of crystals and powders, including: ammonium chloride granular, boric acid granular, chromic acid crystal, chromic acid flake, and many more... Palm sells various forms of crystals and powders, including: ammonium chloride granular, boric acid granular, chromic acid crystal, chromic acid flake, cobalt carbonate powder, cobalt sulfate crystal, copper sulfate crystal, malic acid powder, nickel acetate powder, nickel carbonate powder–48%, nickel carbonate granules–40%, nickel carbonate paste-38%, nickel chloride crystal, nickel sulfate crystal, sodium hypophosphite powder, sodium metabisulfite powder, sulfamic acid, copper cyanide powder, potassium cyanide granular, potassium copper cyanide granular, sodium cyanide granular, sodium cyanide briquette, zinc cyanide granular, and others. more details rare earth Palm’s expertise includes the manufacture of specialty lanthanide, or rare earth, chemicals. In addition to supplying a standard line of solutions, Palm offers specialized tolling services to both commodity lanthanide suppliers and customers. more details


Palm was founded with the objective of introducing quality products into the marketplace. This dedication to quality and continuous improvement is an integral part of our business. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that we meet the level of quality expected by our customers. Our customer satisfaction objectives are achieved through innovative process improvements, ongoing education, quality standards, and satisfaction measurement programs. 


Environmental Consciousness

It is the policy of Palm to conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting of a good corporate neighbor and citizen. Palm manages all phases of its business in a manner that minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment.

To further its commitment to environmental stewardship, Palm has established and strives to meet the following objectives:

  •  Compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and regulatory commitments.
  • Elimination or reduction to the maximum practical extent the release of contaminants into the environment through pollution prevention, recycling, and/or treatment and control technologies.
  • Effective communication with facility employees, suppliers, regulators, and customers, as well as the surrounding community, regarding the performance of environmental management systems.
  • Periodic review and demonstration of continuous improvement in the facility's environmental performance, including areas not subject to regulation.


Analytical Laboratory

To ensure the high quality of our products, Palm's analytical laboratory is staffed by experienced chemists and operates state-of-the-art equipment.


Anton Paar DMA 4500 Densitometer


Metrohm Autotitrator


Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 300 AA


Perkin Elmer Optima 7300 DV ICP



Exemplifying Palm's commitment to quality, Palm is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Palm has been ISO certified since 1999



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  • Quality & Supply Assured
  • Leading Supplier & Producer of Commodity Nickel Chemicals
  • Major Distributor of Nickel, Cobalt and Cadmium Metals to the Surface Finishing Market
  • Toll Blending, Packaging & Quality Assurance Capability for Liquid Chemical Products