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Metals: Nickel Plating Chips

Vale (formerly INCO®) Nickel Plating Chips are a newly developed nickel anode material for multipurpose nickel plating applications.

They are a non-activated, high purity form of nickel anode material made from Vale's unique carbonyl refining process. The dissolution characteristics are similar to other non-activated nickel anodes and they will dissolve at 100% anode efficiency in common nickel electroplating solutions that contain chlorides. Dissolution produces a small amount of metallic residues.

Chips are disc-like in shape, with a typical thickness of 4-6mm and diameter of 17-22mm, making this anode material suitable for plating from titanium baskets with standard mesh sizes.

The unique shape allows the material to pack tightly in the baskets, thus preventing the formation of "bridges that can create voids in the basket load. This results in more uniform current distribution and deposit thickness, as well as preventing electrochemical attack of the titanium basket in the area of the voids, which form when square shaped anodes are used.

Chips are free of sharp edges which make for easy handling and basket loading and enables the basket load to settle without the aid of any ramming action that can result in basket damage.

Vale Nickel Plating Chips are made by a process that is registered to ISO 9001-2000.

Forms: Disc-shaped pieces of pure nickel, 4-6 mm thick and 17-22mm diameter.

Packaging Density: About 4.6 kg/dm(0.17 lb/in.3) of basket capacity.

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Nickel: 99.99%

Cobalt: <0.00002

Iron: <0.002

Carbon: <0.01

Sulphur: 0.0001

Copper: <0.00001

Zinc: <0.00002

Lead: <0.00002

Exceeds the chemical requirements ASTM B 39 and ISO 6283, NR9980 and BS 375


10kg (22 lb.) plastic bags; 5 bags per box; 20 boxes per pallet. Net weight 1000 kg (2204 lb.)

250kg (551 lb.) steel drums; 4 drums per pallet. Net weight 1000kg (2204 lb.)

1000kg (2204 lb.) bulk bag




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