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Metals: Depolarized Nickel Bars

For large-scale plating without anode baskets, Palm offers depolarized ("decarburized) wrought nickel anodes. They are made by melting nickel and adding elements which improve anode dissolution and reduce metallic residue. 

Produced in 3x1 ovals, they can be used as principal or auxiliary anodes. Principal anodes are usually placed close to the walls or down the center of the plating tank. They carry most of the electric current to the parts being plated and replenish the nickel ions removed as a result of the electroplating process. Auxiliary anodes are used to improve the uniformity of thickness of the nickel deposit. They carry a relatively small portion of the total current and are placed close to the parts being plated, often right on the plating rack, be electrically isolated from it.

Depolarized nickel anodes dissolve with exceptional uniformity and at relatively low dissolution potentials. It is essential that chlorides are present in the electroplating solution for depolarized nickel anodes to dissolve efficiently.


Nickel: Balance*

Nickel oxide: 0.1-1.25

Carbon: -

Iron: -

Sulfur: 0.004-0.012

Copper: 0.02-0.25

Silicon: -

Lead: 0.01 max

Zinc: 0.01 max

*Reference to the 'balance' of a composition does not guarantee this is exclusively of the element mentioned but that it predominates and others are present only in minimal quantities.




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