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Metals: Copper Nuggets


Palm supplies high purity copper anodes in different shapes and sizes for electrolytic copper plating.  Nuggets and bar anodes are produced by a continuous casting process, while balls are produced by forging.  After fabrication and sizing, the anodes are cleaned and washed so they are ready to use when they arrive.

Palm provides two grades of copper to meet the needs of most plating. The oxygen content of oxygen free anodes (CDA 102) is controlled to less than 20 ppm to provide uniform dissolution in cyanide, pyrophosphate and fluoborate baths. Phosphorized copper anodes (CDA 812) containing 0.04 to 0.06 percent phosphorus are required for acid copper solutions.

Nuggets are the most common form of copper anode. They are typically 7/8 inch in diameter by one inch long, but other sizes are available.  Both oxygen-free and phosphorized copper nuggets are available.

Forms: Nuggets are usually 1" in diameter and 1" in length.

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Copper: Phosphorized- 99.95% | Oxygen Free- 99.5%

Phosphorous: Phosphorized- 0.05% 

Oxygen: Oxygen Free- 5 ppm

Iron: Phosphorized- 8 ppm | Oxygen Free- 10 ppm

Sulfur: Phosphorized- 11 ppm | Oxygen Free- 10 ppm

Lead: Phosphorized- 6 ppm | Oxygen Free- 1 ppm

Antimony: Phosphorized- 3 ppm | Oxygen Free- 0.1 ppm

Nickel: Phosphorized- 1 ppm | Oxygen Free- 1 ppm

Arsenic: Phosphorized- 1 ppm | Oxygen Free- 0.1 ppm

Tin: Phosphorized- 1 ppm | Oxygen Free- 1 ppm

Zinc: Phosphorized- 7 ppm | Oxygen Free-0.1 ppm


Nuggets are packaged in 220 pound (90.7 kg) net weight plastic pails.




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