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Chemicals: Sodium Hypophosphite Liquid

Palm's SHP is blended exclusively from high purity SHP for use in electroless nickel solutions.  The EN process allows for uniform plating thickness on not only metal objects, but also plastics and ceramics. It is the purest material available commercially and is made to demanding specifications, and is subjected to stringent quality control testing. SHP may be used as a reducing agent or antioxidant in chemical processing, as a catalyst in some polymerization reactions, as a stabilizer to prevent degradation of polymers during extrusion or in other heated processing and may be used as a partial fire retardant.

Concentration: 5.67 pounds of NaH2PO2·H2O salt per gallon.

Appearance: Clear odorless liquid.


Sodium Hypophosphite: Specification- 660-700 g/L | Typical- 680 g/L

pH: Specification- 6.0-8.0 | Typical- 7.0

Calcium: Specification- <50 mg/L | Typical- 5 mg/L

Heavy metals: Specification- <5 mg/L | Typcial- <5 mg/L

Insoluble matter: ND

Specific gravity: Specification- 1.25-1.35 | Typical- 1.30

Shelf Life: If stored at a temperature above 32F, and in its original container, this solution has an indefinite shelf life.

Packaging: 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, or 4000 gallon tanker loads.

CAS Number: 10039-56-2




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