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Chemicals: Palm QuickCarb

Palm QuickCarbTM nickel carbonate is high purity, free flowing nickel carbonate powder that can be used in a number of applications including electroplating, catalyst, paint, pigments and other applications. 

  • Free flowing material, reduced dusting while handling
  • Dissolves rapidly & completely for quick pH adjustment
  • Low nickel metal formulation reduces the amount of nickel added to plating bath Palm QuickCarbTM is ideally suited for use in nickel electroplating as a material that can be added to the plating solution (usually through the filter) to raise the pH of the plating solution to allow for chemical purification treatment and iron removal. Palm QuickCarbTM dissolves very quickly and completely, making the pH adjustment simple and efficient. 

The best practice is to add QuickCarbTM to the filter cake by making a slurry and pump the slurry through the filter. 

Palm QuickCarbTM is typically 33% nickel metal by weight which lowers the cost of purification treatment and reduces the amount of nickel metal added to the plating bath. 

Appearance: Green powder.

Typical Analysis:

Nickel: approx. 33%

Cobalt: 20 ppm

Iron: 20 ppm

Manganese: 10 ppm

Copper: 10 ppm

Zinc: 10 ppm

Lead: 10 ppm

Magnesium: 100 ppm

Calcium: 200 ppm

Sodium: 300 ppm

Chemical Formula: NiCO3

Big bag of 700 kg eachPackaging: Cardboard boxes with PE liner of 20 kg each

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